What is your WHY?

We hope that your holidays were well spent with family and friends. Exchanging gifts, attending social events, travel, and all the good eating that goes along with the season are all in the memory bank of 2018. Now it’s time to un-deck the halls, pack away the light, make gift exchanges and set our sight on being a better you for 2019. Typically, it’s this time of the year that we get out our new journal and write down our new year’s resolutions. But, did you ever stop to contemplate about why most resolutions fail by February. 

Kraddle Kare

Some experts now think that by replacing the word resolution to commitment will cause you to have a greater chance of reaching your aspired goals. However, no matter which way you choose to word it, it’s really the same. So, the question that I have asked myself prior to making any resolutions or commitments is WHY? Let’s be very honest and intentional with ourselves, why are we choosing to change the way we eat, exercise, study or associate with. Here are some tips that may prove to be helpful in your situation.

Let’s start with the one that most likely first on everyone list, eating healthy or better if you chose to say it that way.

*Why should I eat healthier or better?
My answer: I often feel tired and bloated but the weight is not a real issue

The proper intake of a balanced diet cleans toxins, create new cells, and help prevent some diseases. When your body is balanced you are less likely to feel sluggish and bloated which will reflect in the way you feel and your attitude which others will see. You may also notice that your hair and skin will become noticeably healthier also. Choose a plan that works for you. Obliviously just because something works for someone else does not mean that you will get the exact same results.

*Why should I exercise or become active?

My answer: I am getting older and want to maintain muscle tone and mobility

We all know that physical activity will cause our body to pump more blood which benefits the heart, lungs, and bones to mention a few organs, but exercise also affects the way we feel, think and rest. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more confident and pleasant to be around, we are also better creative thinkers. Everybody is different so know your desire and choose what works for you. Walking, running, aerobics or weights know your current position and work forward and you may even drop a few of those extra pounds that joined you during the holiday season.

*Why should I study more?
My answer: I find that my thoughts are becoming lethargic

As the old saying goes "if you don't use it, you will lose it". I am not finding this to be very true, even in reading and writing. Tasks that would or should have only taken a short period of time have turned in tasks that take hours, which is very frustrating. Reading/ studying will help to develop the mind by building your vocabulary and broadening your knowledge as well as improving your memory, communication, and creativity. So, turn off the TV and pick up a book even if its only for a few minutes a week. Start with a book that will be exciting and less like a chore.

*Why should I watch my associations?

My answer: I want to be around people that are positive and moving in a positive direction

The bible says that bad manor corrupts good morals. This tells us that if we are associating with the wrong people then we will pick up their ways. With that being said, first, make sure that you are not the one with bad manor then surround yourself with people who are moving in a directing that you would like to see yourself. This applies to work, business or socially. I understand that you can’t always change where you are physically but you can change how you interact.

I hope that these tips will help you to get a fresh start in 2019 and if you experience setbacks just start over. Happy New Year and remember your Why.


Have a Productive Week,

Kraddle Kare