Customer Reviews

This is the best bonnet for my wiggly 5 year old. I ordered a second one just to be sure we have a back up!

Julie Halton
customer reviews

Love love this bonnet! Fits perfect on my 8 month old daughter’s head! Also does not leave an indent on her forehead which is always the concern when looking for head ware. Shipping was also efficient. Thank you !!

Kraddle Kare

My baby girl is only two weeks old. The cap fits her head perfect. I love the way it keeps her hair soft and shiny

Wendolyn Freeman

kraddle kare

The girls love them AND they actually stay on all night. Finally!! Thank you

Miesha Butler

At first my daughter wasn’t a big fan of the cap. But over time she’s adapted and she wears it every night and rarely takes it off. What I like about it is that it’s loose enough to be comfortable and yet fits well and doesn’t come off at night. One has lasted me months already so they don’t appear to grow out of these at lightening speed. And it’s light weight which is nice for summer. I intend to keep purchasing!
Dilana Martinez

I was satisfied with my purchase. Although my daughter hair still shedded. I realize it was more not due to anything that I could have prevented. He hair is growing back and she still wear her dating cap.So many people have asked me about her satin cap and how brilliant of an idea it was to have a mini size for her age. Very thoughtful idea Kraddle Kare!

We love our dating cap!!

Nerlande Welch
Kraddle Kare

I’ve recently become a supporter of Kraddle Kare and am very, very pleased with the quality of this bonnet. I love that it actually has cut-outs for the ears! It’s a very well-made hair protectant. I highly recommend this for a healthy hair journey! I can’t wait to try out the pillow cases next! I bought the reversible hair bonnet for my God daughter and she and her mom are now fans! Thank you Kraddle Kare for such a wonderful bonnet!

Danielle Clanagan

Kraddle Kare

My son had a little girl last year October 2018. Her mom wanted something for her hair. I tried making something and nothing was to her satisfaction. I did a Google search and found Kraddle Kare. They both loved it. My niece had a daughter July 2019 and she has since ordered as well.

Tracy Bloom

Bonnets are great! We wear them every night. I don’t know how long my daughter’s will last before I have to order a new one. She’s 4 and it is a little snug on her so I suggest ordering a size up for your little one. Overall we appreciate them! Thanks Kraddle Kare.

Josiellia Griffin

I love the satin cap for my toddler! It stays in place through the night and keeps my baby’s hair protected.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a little one.

Ivana Martin

Love love love the Kraddle Kare baby bonnet. Fits perfect on my daughters head and stays on throughout the night

Brittany bellamy

Love these bonnets. Protects my daughters hair! My daughter has been using her bonnet since

She was 3 months and she’s now 2 yrs

Adeola Odeyemi
Kraddle Kare

The bonnets I ordered for my 3 month old baby girl are perfect! The bonnet doesn’t slip off her head, fits comfortably and serves good purpose. I had notice her regular hats, receiving blankets and sheets were thinning her hair badly. The bonnets were purchased to keep her hair moisturized throughout the night and prevent anymore balding. The designs are super dope! I received sooooo many compliments when I posted her picture on social media. I’ve sent over 50 people to the site, I should become an ambassador.

Steph Flax

Kraddle Kare

I purchased 2 bonnets for my baby girl, the polka dot and the Chevron reversible bonnets. Ordering was smooth. The bonnets were shipped and delivered within 3 days of purchase. The quality is good. I would recommend washing them first before use. The dye from the band bled a little with the polka dot one. Although I like both bonnets I wouldn’t recommend a reversible one if your child sweats a lot. The reversible one is less airy. My baby sweats and she sweats even more when she has on the reversible bonnet. Overall, I am pleased with this product.

Jennifer Carter

I bought the bonnet for my daughter a few months ago and it’s still holding up very well which shows it was made with great quality. We definitely plan to order more for her in the near future as all of the prints are adorable!

Jasmine Tucker


Monica McKinney

I laughed as I put this on my daughter’s little head for the first time and welcomed her to the club. Now she matches mommy. I’d been looking for something to keep the back of her hair from matting up and getting dry and this is perfect! Thanks, sis!

Jasmyn Madison

Seller contacted me because she didn’t have the item I ordered. And she gave me options to switch. Great customer service!

LaShawn Early

Fits perfect finally one small enough to fit her little head


Melissa jones

This is the cutest little bonnet ever! I think I’m gonna order the next size tho because my daughter has a big head! Lol, The material is nice, light, and soft! I had gotten a bonnet with the drawstring from a different seller but it kept sliding down and the ball for the drawstring sometimes life marks on the back of her neck. This one is definitely a keeper! It does not slide and I’m not worried about it being a suffocation hazard!!

Melissa Jones

I purchased the giraffe bonnet when my daughter was 2 months old and I absolutely loved it. It was sooo soft. I invested in this bonnet because I was looking for a way to protect my daughter’s fine hair that had begun to thin due to not being protected and I’m so glad that I did.The quality is phenomenal. I loved it so much that I recently purchased another bonnet because she needed a larger size. I purchased the reversible pink panther kap and I love the ability to be reversible; however, it is very thick making it very easy for my daughter’s head to sweat. I’m so thankful that Kraddle Kare stands behind the quality of their product and offers a satisfaction guaranteed policy to ensure that all customers are satisfied. They’ve earned a loyal customer!

Ambre Butler

I love mine! Just received it today. It hasn’t come off of her head not once throughout the night!

Not to mention the perfect fit. I searched high and low for one small enough for my 6 week old! Thank you so much!!! We love it

Keaundra Snead

Superrrrr cute !!! It looks so cute on my daughter. fit perfectly. and it wasn’t too tight around the band part.