HELP my baby is going bald! 

Did you know that baby balding is very common during the first 6 months of life?  The reason is because hormone levels drop right after birth. This hair loss is even seen in mothers too.  Trust me! It’s like your hair gets long, thick, and healthy-looking during pregnancy then the next thing you know, your hair is falling out from the follicle.  And it wasn’t hair breakage either, this was way different. My hair became so thin after having my first child that I wore turbans and wigs.




It doesn’t matter what type of hair your baby is born with; hair loss is still typical.  Here are a few tips that helped me to combat baby balding caused by the friction of cotton fabric.

my baby is going bald

Tip #1:  Tummy time is recommended by pediatricians because it is important for baby’s development.  They gain control of their head this way and it also allows the baby to have a nice round head.  Doing this also reduces the amount of time that your baby’s hair comes in contact with cotton material, thus reducing baby balding.  

Tip #2:  Do not shampoo hair each time the baby takes a bath.  Some people bathe their baby’s twice a day and others bathe their baby’s every other day.  Whichever type of parent you are just know that you only need to wash your baby’s hair up to 2 times per week.  Find a shampoo that does not dry out your baby’s hair and add a conditioner. Then comb and style with a small amount of oil such as olive oil.

Tip #3:  Be conscious of where and how your baby lies.  It’s safe to say that anytime that you’re lying your baby down, that their hair will come in contact with cotton material.  Cotton fabric is EVERYWHERE! Try lining anything that comes in contact with baby’s head with satin material. You can purchase satin material for a reasonable price at almost any store.

Also, pay attention to your baby’s position when they fall asleep.  Most of the time, you baby will lie in the same spot because it’s the most comfortable for them.  That will be the exact spot that’s at the highest risk of getting a bald patch caused by the fabric friction.  And remember that it is recommended by pediatrician’s that your baby sleeps lying on his/her back or sides, NOT their stomach.   

Tip #4:  Use a Kraddle Kap satin bonnet to protect your baby’s hair.  The Kraddle Kap reduces friction by giving baby’s delicate hair a break from cotton material.  Satin fabric promotes hair growth because it is delicate on baby’s gentle hair. Kraddle Kaps help to maintain moisture and it is family friendly.  Any family member can simply slide the satin bonnet on while the baby is lying down.

Bonus Tip:  Hair tip for moms experiencing hair loss after having a baby is to wash your hair regularly.  Do not go more than one week without washing your hair. Also, find a deep conditioner that’ll help restore your hair.  Make this apart of your weekly hair routine.


Have a Productive Week,

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