Oooh my!!! how we love our baby’s and want the very best for them. As parents, we will search google, YouTube, Pinterest, and any other available sites to get the latest hair growth secrets and trends. And if you are like me you have no shame in asking the mother of the little girl with the long… what do you use on her hair? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.   Healthy hair growth does not come in a cookie-cutter format, but Here are a few things to keep in mind during your child’s hair growth journey.

  1. The playing field is not always equal. You must take into consideration origins and genes. Although all hair types have the same three layers (cuticle, cortex, and medulla) Ethnic factors will determine the shape and texture of your hair.
  2. How are you handling the hair? Some hair types are more delicate than others namely black hair. Use gentle strokes during combing and styling processes.  Don’t overstress the hair with tight braids, rubber band or styling products.  Low manipulation/maintenance hairstyles are great and give hair the necessary recovery time.
  3. Are you using hair protection? Since we all sleep at some point its best to you a satin pillowcase or bonnet. Regardless of your ethnicity cotton can be damaging to your children hair causing drying and thinning.

Time and patience. No matter what product or routine you use there is no magic miracle grow. Do some products aide better than others? Yes, but just be consistent in your routine and you will see results.

Let’s not forget a regular wash and conditioning routine. This can be about every 7-10 days depending on hairstyles and product use. And remember to Protect Your Baby’s Hair With Kraddle Kare