Our History

Every story has a beginning. Our story began to evolve back in 2001. I’ll never forget. Our family was excited about the arrival of my baby cousin. He was born one Friday in March. Everyone was in love and the unthinkable happened. His mother died that very next Friday only spending one week caring for her newborn baby boy. My mother selflessly helped out her brother by taking in her nephew and raised him. He was born with a head full of the prettiest curly hair you’d ever seen and then he ended up with the unsightly BALD SPOT. Fast forward about 13 years to my first pregnancy with my baby girl Raiya. My doctor already assured me that she would be born with a full head of hair upon several physical exams. All I could think about was my cousin’s bald spot and I instantly became obsessed with wanting to protect my unborn daughter’s hair from the common infant balding. After months of research and learning the exact cause of infant balding (non-medical), we went on a shopping frenzy to find the perfect product. We soon discovered that there was not a product available to meet our needs and therefore, the Kraddle Kap satin bonnet was born.

Meet The Founders

Yvonne Southall

Darai Southall

What We Believe?

We believe a happy, healthy mommy will raise a happy, healthy baby. We absolutely LOVE everything about babies and their well-being and our mission is to help educate parents by sharing our experience and encouraging new mothers through their parenting journey with our videos, tips, and tricks, and much more.

The Kraddle Kap

We founded the Kraddle Kap because we wanted every mother to know that your baby does NOT have to have a bald patch in their head. This common infant balding is caused by the friction of cotton fabrics rubbing against baby’s delicate hair. It was important for us to design a bonnet specific to babies for safety while allowing proper hair protection.

We know at Kraddle Kare how important protect your baby’s delicate hair, and limits baby balding caused by friction which helps to keep your baby’s hair full and beautiful. If you have any questions or would like to speak to us, please Contact us here